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How are Teams Created?

Kindergarten-3rd Grade Instructional Leagues

It is our goal to create teams in the Instructional Leagues that integrate the girls so that they may meet new friends from other areas of town, but every attempt is made for a girl from any one school to be on the same team with at least one other girl from that same school.  We will consider requests and attempt to accommodate, but cannot guarantee any specific team placement.

4th-8th Grade Leagues

In the National (4th & 5th Grade) and American (6th-8th Grade) leagues, a draft is completed to create teams.  Each team coach is involved in the draft and team placement is based entirely on draft selection.



When is the Beginning and What is the Length of the Season?

Softball practices begin on or about April 1 depending upon the weather and field conditions.  All league play ends in early June; again depending upon how many games had to be rescheduled due to inclement weather. League playoffs in the NL and AL usually conclude by mid June.







 When are Practices for all the Leagues?

The practice schedule is at the discretion of the coach and his/her availability.  As to the exact time and days; that is determined by individual coaches.  Practices are generally once (or more) times per week on the weeknights. 





When are the Games?

Most games are played on Memorial Fields unless otherwise indicated.



  • K-1 League:  Games are played on Saturdays throughout the day.  Games are played at either McKinley or Franklin Elementary Schools.
  • IL (2nd /3rd grades) Saturday afternoons: 1:15pm -3:15pm, 3:30pm-4:45pm at Memorial Fields.
  • NL (4th /5th grades) Saturday mornings: 9am to 11am and occasionally 11:15am to 1:15pm and some weeknight games that begin at 6pm.
  • AL (6th /7th & 8th grades) Saturday late mornings: 11:15am to 1:15pm and some weeknight games that begin at 6pm.




My Daughters are just Beginning.  What is the Format of Play in the K-1 League?

At the K-1 grade level, the league is instructional.  The girls will learn basic skills with emphasis on proper technique, rules of the game, etc.  It starts out as T-ball but as the season progresses; those girls who can hit a pitch from the coach will be given the opportunity to do so.  The T is a great training tool; used continually by coaches through WHS varsity.  All girls hit and field during games though, again, skills and instruction are the emphasis. 







My Daughters are just Beginning but are Older than your Instructional Leagues.  Can they still play?

Simply note on your registration that your daughter is a new player and also inform her coach at the beginning of the season.  Her coach will see that she is given special instructions on how to play the game and placed in field positions that will match her ability and experience level.  It will be important that she attend all practices and clinics that are offered to her.  All girls will be given the opportunity to play in every game regardless of ability level.





May I request a particular coach or team placement?

A request may be made and reviewed for the K-3rd Grade Instructional leagues, but we cannot make any guarantees.  The 4th/5th Grade and 6th-8th Grade leagues are a draft and placement is determined by that draft.





May I request that my daughter be placed with her friends?

A request may be made and reviewed for the K-3rd Grade Instructional leagues, but we cannot make any guarantees.  The 4th/5th Grade and 6th-8th Grade leagues are a draft and placement is determined by that draft.



I signed my daughter up to play softball, now what? Frequently Asked Questions…

In-Town Rec Level players must bring:

  • Water
  • Glove, sized correctly (see chart below)
  • Helmet with attached face mask, sized correctly (snug--should not move/wiggle when she turns head side to side)
  • Face Mask for fielding


Travel Level players, in ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, must bring:

  • Properly sized bat (see charts below-both length and weight)
  • Sport/softball pants for sliding
  • Sunglasses and/or visor so when she looks up to sky, she can see ball
  • Cleats: molded softball cleats, synthetic upper is fine


How to Determine Bat Length


How to Determine Bat weight



How to Determine Glove size


Helmet personalization (Travel Level players)

  • We wear (& sell on our uniform site) the royal & white Rip it helmet.
  • It can be personalized by contacting: piercenj@verizon.net
  • Tell her you are from GSLW.



In-town Recreational:

GSLW orders T-shirts for all players by team grades as follows:

GR           Each team is issued:

K            6 YS  7 YM

1            4 YS  6 YM  3 YL

2            6 YM  7 YL 1 YXL

3            5 YM  7YL  1 AS 1 AM

NL (4-5)    3 YM  6 YL  6 AS  1 AM

AL (6-8)    4 AS  8 AM  4 AL

* If your child's sizing falls outside the sizes we normally order, you must contact our Uniform Director, Ruth Maloney at rewm03@gmail.com BEFORE MARCH 1st.



Travel uniform sizing takes place during annual tryouts, and although we keep track of that sizing, PARENTS must actually order the uniform online.  Twice a year we open our uniform shop via Kicks n Stix for between 2-3 weeks each time.  The link is:


You will receive an email when the shop opens and when you go to the site, it will indicate the closing date.

*Uniform orders can only be placed during the appointed time frame.  All questions about un iforms should be directed to Ruth Maloney at rewm03@gmail.com.  Please do NOT call Kicks n Stix.


Travel Softball Brief Overview

GSLW fields teams in three seasons:  Spring (summer prep), Summer (competitive) and Fall (developmental)

We field teams in these age groups: U8, U10, U12, U14 & U18 (HS)

The number of teams within each age group depends entirely upon how many players sign up, and availability of pitchers & catchers.