2019 Board of Directors

voted Dec 2018

Updated Tuesday January 8, 2019 by Robert Zerafa.

Title Name E-mail Address
President Joe Verga President@westfieldsoftball.org
Vice President Tony Borg VicePresident@westfieldsoftball.org
Treasurer Maria LoGrippo Treasurer@westfieldsoftball.org
Secretary Peter Brooks Secretary@westfieldsoftball.org
Registrar and Website Development Robert Zerafa Registrar@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - Instructional Leagues (K/1) David Grantz K-1Director@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - Instructional Leagues (2/3) Mary Wickens 2-3Director@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - National League (4/5) Carolyn Buoscio NationalDirector@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - American League (6/7/8) Karen Cleeve AmericanDirector@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - Travel Tony Borg TravelDirector@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - Player Development Michelle Pierce PlayerDevelopment@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - Equipment and Uniforms Ruth Maloney EquipmentOperations@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - Field Operations Joel Kamins FieldOperations@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - Sponsorships Michael Esposito Sponsorship@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - Scheduling and Umpires Jay Berger Scheduling@westfieldsoftball.org
Director - Public Relations Karen Cleeve PublicRelations@westfieldsoftball.org
Emeritus Gary Fox Emeritus@westfieldsoftball.org
Emeritus Rosemarie Panarese Emeritus@westfieldsoftball.org